Web3Go Monthly Report — March 2024

3 min readApr 1, 2024


March was a highly productive month for us at Web3Go. Due to your steadfast support and our team’s diligent efforts, we reached significant milestones. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge and reflect on the joint progress we made last month.

To review our progress during the first half of the month, please visit the following link:


Moving forward, let’s delve into the developments of the latter half of the month.


  • Web3Go:

Officially announced the close of our phase 1 of the Airdrop Episode 1, and the start of the phase 2, which is the minting phase of Chip NFT and Chip Pieces.

Announced our participance in BNB Chain Alliance Program.

Introduced our side events which will be held during Hong Kong Web3 Festival, including DeDIN Night Yacht Party and DeDIN Day.

Awarded by PANews as the “Best AI + Web3 Integration of the Year”.

Held DeDIN Spring AMA 2# and AMA 3# and talked about topics about AI and Data.

Joined campaigns and AMAs hosted by Carv, Gabby World, and Nabox.

Announced the partnerships with Dechat, Tars AI, KoiTrading, Inery, AIgentX, MeAI, Cluster Protocol and UQUID.

  • Reiki:

Continue to announce the leaderboard of user-generated bots.

  • Analytix:

Kept posting weekly on-chain data dashboard insights of Manta Network.

  • Rye Alpha:

Shared some alpha calls, giveaways and project intros.


  • GODINs Management

Following our previous efforts, we have continued to review over 100 new GODIN applications, focusing on identifying candidates with diverse capabilities to enrich our GODINs team. Our commitment to expanding and enhancing the GODINs community remains strong, as we seek to incorporate more Spark, Core, and Junior GODINs with varied skills and backgrounds.

  • Local Community Building

In our ongoing mission to foster Local Communities, we have been diligently working to identify the most suitable GODIN personnel for each local community. This period has seen us organizing over 8 regional channel activities in various areas, including CN, Indonesian, Hindi, Ukrainian, Korean, and Vietnamese communities. These activities are aimed at strengthening our local community presence and engagement.

  • Activities and Growth

To further engage our community and spur growth, we have initiated several new activities across different regions. These include AMAs, events specifically tailored for Local Communities, and other interactive sessions designed to provide the latest project updates and address questions from each local community more effectively. We remain committed to offering more engaging and enjoyable community activities in the future, aiming to foster a vibrant and interactive environment for all members.


  • Airdrop E1:

We have closed the phase 1 page of the Airdrop E1, and started the phase 2 page, during which we have dealt with some bugs reported by our community and successfully solved them.

  • xData:

We have completed the test of xData and are ready to launch it on early April.

  • Reiki:

We’ve been working diligently to resolve various issues and bugs, making continuous efforts to improve the user experience for our community.

  • Analytix:

We have continuously provided support for the dashboard’s development, collaborating closely with the Manta Network team.

We’ve made some serious strides in key areas, and we’re absolutely stoked to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation in the crypto and AI worlds. None of this would be possible without the amazing support from all of you — our fantastic community. You guys are the real MVPs, and we’re so grateful to have you cheering us on! Get ready for even more exciting things coming your way.

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