Web3Go Monthly Report — January 2024

2 min readJan 31, 2024

January has marked a period of exceptional productivity for our team at Web3Go. With your steadfast support and the tireless dedication of our team members, we’ve reached several significant milestones. Let’s pause to appreciate and reflect on the strides we’ve made over this past month.

To review our progress during the first half of the month, please visit the following link:


Moving forward, let’s delve into the developments of the latter half of the month.


  • Web3Go:

Joined the AMAs by FARMERS DAO, VAI Labs, and SecondLive.

Be part of BAS Attestation Alliance” campaign powered by BNBChain & BNBGreenfield.

Built partnerships with AIMALLS , CogniXphere, and Nuson Chain.

  • Reiki:

Kept announcing the leaderboard of user-generated bots.

  • Analytix:

Support retweet the news that Manta token was listed on Binance.

Kept posting weekly on-chain data dashboard insights of Manta Network.

  • Rye Alpha:

Shared some alpha calls and project intros.


  • GODINs Onboarding

As of now, we have successfully onboarded 2 Alpha GONDINs, 7 Core GODINs, 24 Junior GODINs and 12 Spark GODINs. Meanwhile, we have slowed down the reviewing process but still open applications, so it might take longer time to receive feedback.

  • Community Call

We conducted a Community Call in our Telegram and Discord communities, where we shared the latest progress of the project and addressed everyone’s queries.

  • New Role in Discord

We have launched the Web3Go Accelerator Role, it comes with simplified requirements, making it even more accessible for our enthusiastic newcomers to show us their passions!


  • Reiki:

The integration of the Particle Network wallet has been a significant milestone, attracting over 6,000 new users and facilitating the transition of numerous Web2 users to their Web3 journey.

We’ve been diligently addressing various issues and bugs, striving tirelessly to enhance the user experience for our community.

  • Analytix:

Consistently provided support in dashboard development alongside the Manta Network team.

  • Cooking New Things:

We are preparing something new for you. Here’s a little teaser to keep you guessing: Start stacking up those Gold Leaves on Reiki.

The past month has been immensely fruitful for the Web3Go team, marked by significant progress in crucial areas. We’re well-positioned to keep spearheading innovation within the Crypto and AI sectors. Our sincere thanks go out for the incredible support we’ve been fortunate to receive!

About Web3Go

Web3Go is a data intelligence network that empowers AI with Crypto. Creating a trailblazing network enriched with specialized protocols and dynamic communities, Web3Go leverages blockchain technology to transform data flow and elevate AI agent building.

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