Web3Go Monthly Report — February 2024

3 min readFeb 29, 2024

February has been a highly productive month for us at Web3Go. Thanks to your unwavering support and the hard work of our team, we’ve achieved some important milestones. Let’s take a moment to appreciate and reflect on the progress we’ve made together in the past month.

To review our progress during the first half of the month, please visit the following link:


Moving forward, let’s delve into the developments of the latter half of the month.


  • Web3Go:

Officially launched our new-look website and Web3Go Airdrop Episode 1: The exclusive NFT lottery festival on Feb 28 and started our new journey.

Hosted the 2000! RUN! event before Airdrop Episode 1 both on social media and within global community, and called for Spark GODINs to join as well.

Announced partnership with HyperGPT.

Joined the AMA session hosted by Delysium.

Nominated for the PANews PARTY AWARD 2024 in the AI+Web3 track and asked for vote.

Finished the winner draw of Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day giveaway.

  • Reiki:

Kept announcing the leaderboard of user-generated bots.

  • Analytix:

Kept posting weekly on-chain data dashboard insights of Manta Network.

  • Rye Alpha:

Shared some alpha calls and project intros.


  • GODINs Management

We’ve successfully brought on board over 50 GODINs and distributed base rewards for their hard work in January. We’ve also adjusted some rules based on their activities after the first month of our ambassador program.

  • Community Call

In the past two weeks, we’ve held multiple community calls to strengthen our bond with the community and address user questions.

  • Local Community Building

We’re expanding our reach by connecting with various local communities worldwide to spread Web3Go’s presence globally. For instance, we recently participated in an AMA with the Nigerian community Chaindustry and established connections with the largest Japanese community, Kudasai. We encourage global communities to engage with us, and we’re excited to organize engaging activities within your community.


  • Reiki:

We’ve been diligently addressing various issues and bugs, striving tirelessly to enhance the user experience for our community.

  • Analytix:

Consistently provided support in dashboard development alongside the Manta Network team.

  • New Website and Airdrop Page:

We’ve revamped our official Web3Go website, making it more user-friendly and informative. Additionally, we have introduced an Airdrop page for upcoming airdrops and unveiled the interaction page for Episode 1 NFT lottery festival.

  • xData:

As announced on our website and airdrop page, we are gearing up to launch xData, a collaborative off-chain data platform, prior to the Web3Go TGE. After months of development, we are excited to introduce xData to you by the end of March.

The past month has been incredibly successful for the Web3Go team, with notable advancements in key areas. We are poised to continue leading innovation in the Crypto and AI sectors. A big thank you for the amazing support we’ve received!

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