Web3Go Monthly Report — April 2024

3 min readApr 30, 2024


April was a power-packed month for us at Web3Go. Thanks to your unwavering support and our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence, we crushed major milestones. Let’s celebrate and take pride in the remarkable progress we achieved together last month.

To review our progress during the first half of the month, please visit the following link:


Moving forward, let’s delve into the developments of the latter half of the month.


  • Web3Go:

We participated in Token 2049 Dubai and its side events, distributed our swag, and built our real-life reputation, despite being stuck in the city due to the flood. We met Binance CEO Richard and Co-founder Yi He, and had insightful discussions with the Binance team.

We announced partnerships with AlphaOrBeta, SecondLive, Triathon, and PowerPod.

We also participated in campaigns hosted by SecondLive, RIDO, Metale Protocol, and MeAI.

Additionally, we joined AMAs hosted by Privasea and BNB Chain.

We initiated the DeDIN Alliance campaign to collect projects requiring AI data, and announced our first partner OpenTaskAI.

  • xData:

Continued to post the xData leaderboard for GODIN numbers and Chip Charge Numbers.

Also introduced various features and provided guide content.

  • Analytix:

Kept posting weekly on-chain data dashboard insights of Manta Network.

  • Reiki:

Continue to announce the leaderboard of user-generated bots.


  • Local Community Building:

We continue to strengthen our regional engagement through tailored activities in China, Indonesia, India, Ukraine, Korea, and Vietnam, aiming to enhance local interactions.

  • Activities and Growth:

New activities were initiated across regions, including AMAs and events designed to address community-specific needs and queries effectively.

  • Highlighted Activities:

Hindi Region: Hosted a “Guess the Movie Name from Pictures” game, which was well-received and boosted community interaction; Continued momentum with additional activities to sustain engagement.

Korean Region: Conducted activities tailored to the Korean community, enhancing local engagement.

Our ongoing efforts are focused on creating stimulating experiences and maintaining a vibrant community atmosphere.


  • Airdrop E1:

We’ve successfully concluded phase 2 of the Airdrop E1.

  • xData:

We’ve efficiently airdropped all the wafer rewards to the victorious participants of the xData Boom campaign in conjunction with the BNB Chain Airdrop Alliance Program.

We’ve developed several new features on xData, introducing diverse GODIN content and themed GODIN.

We’ve proactively addressed all kinds of issues and bugs reported by our committed community.

  • Reiki:

We’ve been tirelessly working to tackle various issues and bugs, relentlessly striving to enhance the user experience for our esteemed community.

  • Analytix:

We’ve maintained unwavering support for the dashboard’s development, fostering a close collaboration with the Manta Network team.

We’ve made significant progress in key areas, and we’re excited to continue pushing the innovation boundaries in the AI and crypto worlds. This wouldn’t be possible without the incredible support from you — our wonderful community. Stay tuned for more exciting things ahead!

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