Web3Go Bi-Weekly Report: March 1st — March 15th

3 min readMar 15, 2024


In the first two weeks of March, the entire crypto market saw several all-time highs, attracting considerable attention. Despite this, we remained focused, dedicating our efforts to developing innovative products and preparing for the expected bull market. This period was a significant milestone in our journey, marked by noteworthy achievements.


  • Web3Go:

We’ve updated the Airdrop Episode 1 data report, which now includes 214,821 engaged wallet addresses, 60,088 chips on the line, and 599,327 chip pieces in play.

We are pleased to announce our partnerships with AITECH, Nuklai, and BiHelix.

We’ve launched a DeDIN Spring event series, which includes co-marketing announcements, giveaways, and AMAs, and involves AI+Data sector projects, KOLs, and communities.

We’ve also started the warm-up of xData with GODINsQuest.

  • Reiki:

Continue to announce the leaderboard of user-generated bots.

The Reiki’s logo has become the default logo for the Web3 category on Product Hunt.

  • Analytix:

Kept posting weekly on-chain data dashboard insights of Manta Network.

  • Rye Alpha:

Shared some alpha calls, giveaways and project intros.


  • GODINs Management

We’ve reviewed over 200 new GODINs applications and added one Alpha GODIN, along with five Core and Junior GODINs. Concurrently, we conducted the first Discord AMA for our Spark GODINs and refined the collaboration process. Thanks to past collaborations, our GODINs Team has made substantial progress. We also plan to introduce more Community Calls and activities.

  • Local Community Building

For the construction of Local Communities, we are working hard to find the most suitable GODIN personnel for each local community. At the same time, we have also started to conduct AMAs and events for Local Communities. We strive to provide the latest project information and better answer questions for each local community.

  • Activities and Growth

We held the Web3Go Gif Design Contest and the Chinese Community’s Emoticon Competition, two Texas Hold’em tournaments in the Vietnamese community, and several word guessing games in the Indian community. We will also provide more interesting community activities for everyone in the coming time.


  • Reiki:

We’ve been working diligently to resolve various issues and bugs, making continuous efforts to improve the user experience for our community.

  • Analytix:

We have continuously provided support for the dashboard’s development, collaborating closely with the Manta Network team.

  • New Website and Airdrop Page:

We have been tracking the data from Airdrop participation and maintaining the stability of the website.

  • xData:

We are nearing completion of the first version of xData and will soon begin internal testing.

The past two weeks have been incredibly successful for the Web3Go team, with significant progress in key areas. We are poised to continue leading innovation in the Crypto and AI sectors. A big thank you for the amazing support we’ve received!

About Web3Go

Web3Go is a data intelligence network that empowers AI with Crypto. Creating a trailblazing network enriched with specialized protocols and dynamic communities, Web3Go leverages blockchain technology to transform data flow and elevate AI agent building.

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