Web3Go Bi-Weekly Report: February 1st — February 15th

3 min readFeb 15, 2024

In the first two weeks of February, Bitcoin witnessed an impressive surge, surpassing $52,000 and breaking the previous 2021 high. This coincided with the festivities of the Chinese Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day, adding to the overall excitement. The Web3Go team remained dedicated, focusing on building innovative products and preparing for the anticipated bull market. This period represented a significant chapter in our journey, marked by notable accomplishments.


  • Web3Go:

Built partnership with aZennetwork and CodeXchain.

Joined an AMA with Korea Community Pantera and introduced Web3Go to the Korean community.

Started celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year with social media activities.

Joined the @peoplemint_io x @DeBox_Social x @QuestN_com 2024 DRAGON New Year & LOVE Gift Giveaway as the partner.

  • Reiki:

Secured multiple “№1” positions, including the highly coveted title of “№1 Product of the Month” on Product Hunt.

Updating “Bot of the Week” continuously.

  • Analytix:

Updating on-chain data dashboard of Manta Network.


  • Community Call

We conducted two community calls in our Telegram and Discord communities, where we shared updates with our community members.

  • GODINs Onboarding

At present, we have 2 Alpha GODINs, 9 Core GODINs, 26 Spark GODINs, and 24 Junior GODINs. With the collective efforts of everyone, our community has achieved new heights, with each GODINs member responsibly fulfilling their respective tasks.

  • Chinese New Year Celebration Activities

In honor of the Chinese New Year and as an expression of gratitude for our community’s support, we initiated a week-long series of diverse activities, including the Gold Leaves raffle, the Poker Tournament and Red Pocket Giveaway.

  • New Role Allocation

We have assigned the “Web3Go Accelerator” roles to eligible members who have met all the requirements.

  • BSC Wallet Address Collection

We have successfully collected the BSC Wallet Addresses of specific community roles to secure their chances for future airdrops.


  • Reiki:

We have been diligently working on resolving different issues and bugs, putting in relentless effort to enhance the user experience for our community.

  • Analytix:

We have consistently offered support in the development of the dashboard, collaborating closely with the Manta Network team.

  • Cooking New Things:

Stay tuned for the big news coming at the end of February.

In the recent fortnight, the Web3Go team has made remarkable strides in key areas, bolstering our standing in the domains of Web3 and AI. We express our heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable support we have received throughout this exceptionally fruitful phase. Brace yourself for some major announcements and updates from us towards the end of February! Stay connected for more exciting news!

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