Web3Go Bi-Weekly Report: April 1st — April 15th

3 min readApr 15, 2024


During the first two weeks of April, the entire crypto market was anticipating the forthcoming Bitcoin halving. Despite this, we stayed committed, directing our efforts towards developing innovative products and preparing for the expected bull market. This period represented a significant milestone in our journey, punctuated by notable achievements.


  • Web3Go:

We attended the Hong Kong Web3 Festival, hosted two side-events (DeDIN Day and DeDIN Night Yacht Party), and participated as panel speakers at several other events.

We announced partnerships with Nimble, Uniport Network, AI Infinet, BitDragon, and OCADA.ai.

We also took part in a co-marketing campaign hosted by Nabox.

TechFlow, a highly influential Chinese media outlet, reported on our project.

Additionally, we lightened the mood by dropping a “Chip Wafer Man Pre-sale” April Fool’s Day trick on X.

  • xData:

Launched the official website and explorer extension for xData.

Initiated the “xData Boom” campaign in conjunction with BNB Chain as part of the Airdrop Alliance Program.

Started the “xData Surge” and “xData Angel” campaigns as community incentive programs to facilitate xData’s growth.

Implemented a daily leaderboard for xData stats.


  • GODINs Management

Building on our sustained efforts from the last report, we have reviewed an additional 40+ new GODIN applications. Our focus remains on diversifying the skills and backgrounds of our GODINs team to further enhance the dynamic of our community. We are excited to launch a new round of zealously crafted missions and are in the process of introducing new OG requirements to better streamline our community initiatives.

  • Local Community Building

Our commitment to nurturing Local Communities continues robustly. This period involved strategic planning and implementation of activities tailored specifically for these groups. We organized various regional channel activities across communities including in China, Indonesia, India, Ukraine, Korea, and Vietnam, aiming to bolster our presence and interaction within these local settings.

  • Activities and Growth

We have kick-started several new activities aimed at fostering engagement and growth across different regions. These initiatives include AMAs and bespoke events designed to meet the unique needs of our Local Communities. These sessions have been instrumental in disseminating the latest project updates and addressing community-specific queries effectively. We are dedicated to continuing these efforts, providing more stimulating and enjoyable experiences for all members and ensuring a vibrant community atmosphere.


  • xData:

We have successfully launched the xData product, which includes a website platform and an explorer extension. We’ve addressed various bugs reported by our community members and worked on adding new features to enhance the user experience.

  • Reiki:

We’ve been diligently resolving various issues and bugs, continually striving to improve the user experience for our community.

  • Analytix:

We have been providing ongoing support for the dashboard’s development, working closely with the Manta Network team.

The Web3Go team has made significant progress in key areas over the past two weeks. We are prepared to continue leading innovation in the AI and Data sectors. A huge thank you to everyone for their amazing support!

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Web3Go is a data intelligence network that is building the data pre-processing layer for decentralized AI.

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