Rebranding Announcement:「Web3Go」is now「DIN」

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Today, we are excited to announce that 「Web3Go」 has officially rebranded as 「DIN」! This is a significant milestone in DIN’s development journey. We aim to use this opportunity to help global users better understand and apply AI and data technology, promote the widespread implementation of AI-native applications on blockchain, and stimulate further innovation in the AI Data space.

Over the past two years, we have achieved significant success. In the AI Data landscape, DIN (formerly Web3Go) is the first modular AI-native layer devoted to data pre-processing, which includes data collection, verification, and vectorization.

We officially launched our first AI Data collection node infrastructure, xData, on opBNB in early April this year. It has been running smoothly for over a month with continued strong participation from the global community. To date, we have over 200,000 independent users and have collected more than 10 million AI data points. Additionally, xData has been utilized by more than 20 ecosystems and projects not only for AI data collection but also for social growth.

Why Rebranding?

The name “Web3Go” embodied our team’s goal to introduce the most recent Web3 products and services. However, since the popularity of the term “Web3” has diminished over the past two years, and AI narration became more prominent from 2023, it became apparent that “Web3Go” was outdated.

On one hand, Web3Go, while straightforward, was an ambiguous name. It highlighted our foundation in blockchain technology but did not reflect our new focus as a “Data Intelligence Network” for AI. This shift occurred in July 2023 when we moved from an on-chain data service provider to the AI Data sector.

On the other hand, “Web3Go” was a focused yet extensive name that represented our emphasis on product and service development. But as we transitioned to a network, the name no longer captured our ambition to extend our reach towards infrastructure and network building.

Moreover, since repositioning ourselves as a Data Intelligence Network, we’ve made steady progress and explored new areas in product development and marketing. For instance, we developed Reiki, an AI Data Consumer designed to utilize data to create specific AI agents. Despite being launched just half a year ago, it already boasts over 150k daily users. We’ve also introduced new narratives like “AIFi” and “DeDIN” to collaborate with different ecosystems, projects, communities, and key opinion leaders for diverse co-marketing campaigns and events, establishing strong partnerships within the AI Data space.

In conclusion, the functionality and offerings of Web3Go can no longer be adequately represented by the term “Web3”. The original name may cause unnecessary confusion, necessitating a comprehensive rebranding.

Why DIN?

We chose the new name “DIN” after conducting multiple internal brainstorming sessions following our decision to rebrand.

“DIN” is derived from our positioning starting from 2023: Data Intelligence Network. We have used “DIN” in various scenarios such as “GoDIN” for our ambassadors and as the main feature name on xData, and “DeDIN” for our campaign series. Both the crypto space and our community are familiar with this term, so we believe it’s best to continue with it rather than choosing an entirely new word.

“DIN” also means a loud sound. We want this definition to symbolize our goal: to make a significant impact in the AI Data space.

Our logo, inspired by the shape of “I” and a “funnel”, symbolizes DIN’s core value: providing a space for AI data pre-processing.

DIN’s Vision: Cook Data For AI and Get Paid

Since our inception in 2021, DIN (formerly known as Web3Go) has been committed to making data more accessible and user-friendly. To achieve this, we were among the first in the industry to provide an on-chain data platform, catering to the needs of ecosystems and analysts to create and monitor on-chain data across different chains and projects. Our proven capabilities in product delivery and cash flow are evident in our ongoing provision of on-chain data services for Polkadot, Moonbeam, BNB Chain, and Manta Network.

Over the course of more than two years, we have persevered in overcoming challenges and achieving significant milestones. In July 2023, with the launch of the AIFi Summer campaign, we announced our repositioning from an on-chain data service provider to a data intelligence network. Our seed-round fundraising was officially announced, with Binance Labs and other VCs contributing. In September of the same year, we announced our brand trinity and launched our AI agent platform, Reiki, highlighting our focus on data, AI, and community. In April 2023, we launched our new product, xData, to allow users to collect off-chain data, marking the start of our next phase.

Data is crucial in the AI workflow and is fundamental to AI blockchain, as all dAI apps rely on high-quality data. We’ve discussed the importance of AI data flow in our recently released whitepaper version 1, which can be found at:

Today, an increasing number of developers and users are using DIN’s products and services to process data for AI. As a result, they have earned some income and can expect to earn even more in the future.

DIN’s Future: The First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer

With our rebranding, we’re making a clear statement about our commitment to long-term development in the AI data sector. Looking ahead, we will adhere strictly to our roadmap:

  1. Expanding AI data partnerships and collaborations: DIN (previously known as Web3Go) has made significant strides in building partnerships with hundreds of projects, communities, and KOLs across various domains, especially the AI data sector. We plan to continue expanding the “DeDIN Alliance” and seek opportunities to collaborate with more high-quality partners, thereby driving the adoption of AI-Native Data Pre-Processing.
  2. Supporting more ecosystems and blockchains: DIN is primarily built on the BNB Chain and opBNB, and has long supported Polkadot, Moonbeam, and Manta Network. We intend to integrate more EVM-Compatible blockchains, like Mantle, Arbitrum, Berachain, X Layer, and embrace non-EVM ecosystems, such as Bitcoin, Solana, Sui, to promote the broad adoption of AI-Native Data Pre-Processing.
  3. Continuing to develop the node infrastructure and monetize AI data pre-processing: As AI training costs rise and AI data processing technology decentralizes, a future where everyone could run an AI data processing node on their devices for pay is conceivable. DIN has developed xData as the AI data collection node infrastructure to incentivize data collection. We’re also preparing to develop data validation and vectorization node infrastructures, and the node sale design. Our community will have multiple earning opportunities, from participating in validation sales/mining and running validations, to our token launch and liquidity.
  4. Promoting the popularization of AI Data Pre-Processing: As we continue to seek technological breakthroughs, we also want to raise awareness and use of AI Data Pre-Processing, pushing it into wider application. So, DIN will participate in more industry summits and actively spread knowledge about AI Data Pre-Processing to developers and users through hackathons, AI-related events, and other means. We aim to provide support and guidance to help them innovate in their respective fields using AI Data Pre-Processing.

Go DIN! xData is Your First Stop

The potential of decentralized AI is undeniable and DIN (formerly known as Web3Go) is a firm believer in it. Our brand upgrade reflects not only our unwavering determination but also our mindset. We enthusiastically invite all builders and partners to join the DIN ecosystem, witness this transformative journey, and become an integral part of the AI revolution.

Currently, the DIN AI Data Collection Node Infrastructure xData is open. We welcome community users, partners, and industry enthusiasts interested in participating. By contributing, you have the opportunity to earn wafers, which can be exchanged for DIN tokens upon their launch in Q3.

About DIN

DIN is the First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer.

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The First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer.