Introducing xData: Revolutionizing Decentralized Off-chain Data Collection and Utilization

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In today’s digital age, data reigns supreme, representing a market worth billions. Every action we take online is recorded, turning each individual into a dormant repository of valuable information. Recognizing data as the cornerstone of AI development, Web3Go, the data intelligence network, is on the brink of unveiling our latest innovation: xData. Positioned as a pivotal component in the decentralized aggregation of data, xData emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering a solution to the challenges of fragmented data across various centralized platforms.

xData Website:

With more than 370k addresses participating in the Web3Go Airdrop E1 lottery, exchanging Golden Leaves for over 90k chips and 1.05 million chip pieces, we have welcomed a group of pioneers to xData. The Chip acts as the gateway to the xData ecosystem, carefully recording each user’s contribution.

Join the xData journey now and download the xData extension.

Core Values of xData

At its core, xData exemplifies versatility, addressing a range of data needs such as annotation, aggregation, sharing, monetization, and permanent on-chain storage. The values of xData are:

  • Decentralized Data Collection: xData offers a decentralized solution to data collection, enabling users to gather, integrate, and manage data from various sources without relying on centralized platforms. This ensures the security, reliability, and transparency of data.
  • Tokenization of Data Value: By converting users’ data value into tokenized forms, xData incentivizes participation in data collection and management through its internal Wafers mechanism. This tokenization mechanism not only encourages active user engagement but also facilitates data sharing and innovation.
  • Integral Component of the Web3Go Ecosystem: As a key component of the Web3Go ecosystem, xData is not merely a standalone product but a vital node within the entire ecosystem. Through integration and interaction with other Web3Go products, xData enriches users’ data management experience while contributing to the development and growth of the ecosystem.
  • User Engagement and Reward Mechanism: xData incentivizes user participation in data collection and management activities through its Wafers mechanism and other reward measures. Users can earn Wafers by completing various tasks and activities, such as daily check-ins, charging Chip, and participating in missions, fostering community building and development.

Core Features of xData

xData consists of two key components: the extension and the website. The extension is a convenient tool that enables you to complete tasks and earn future rewards. In contrast, the website serves as a platform for navigating all the available information. Below are some core features of xData:

  • Extension download: You need to visit the xData website at and locate the “Download Extension” button, then click on it. Once the installation is complete, the xData product will appear on the sidebar of the Twitter page. Next, open your X, install MetaMask, and connect your wallet. In xData, each wallet address is linked to a unique Twitter account. Switching your Twitter account requires re-logging in.
  • Chip: Chip serves as the exclusive recorder linked to users’ xData accounts, providing access to a plethora of features designed to streamline data management. With Chip, users can seamlessly log their contributions within the xData ecosystem, including storing tweets securely on-chain, curating personalized datasets, and even creating their own X-agents for future use. For a comprehensive guide on how to maximize the capabilities of Chip, we encourage users to explore the xData GitBook, where detailed user guides await.
  • Wafer: Within the xData ecosystem, Wafers play a pivotal role as rewarding points that users can accrue through various engagements. From daily check-ins in the xData Space to charging Chip every six hours, users have ample opportunities to earn Wafers effortlessly. Additionally, engaging in random GODIN missions allows users to mark their favorite tweets and earn abundant Wafers as a reward. To delve deeper into the mechanics of earning and utilizing Wafers, users are encouraged to refer to the user guide available on the xData GitBook.
  • GODIN: GODIN introduces a novel way for users to interact with their favourite tweets while earning rewards in the process. By simply replying to a tweet with “@Web3GO GoDIN,” users can mark the tweet and have its content securely stored on-chain. Each successful GODIN mission completion rewards users with Wafers, further incentivizing active participation. For a detailed walkthrough of how to engage in GODIN missions and maximize their rewards, users are directed to consult the comprehensive user guide on the xData GitBook.
  • xData Space: xData Space is a place where your GODIN tweets are stored. You can use it as your personal knowledge center, where the knowledge would be transferred into an on-chain data set owned by you.

To explore the full spectrum of features and functionalities offered by xData, you are encouraged to delve into the detailed user guide available on the xData Gitbook:

Unlocking the Power of Decentralized Data Pre-Processing

xData signifies a transformative shift in decentralized data collection, dismantling the barriers imposed by centralized social media platforms and empowering users with secure control over their data. As a pivotal component of the Web3Go ecosystem, xData drives the Web3Go’s vision of “Data Pre-Processing Layer for Decentralized AI,” laying the foundation for the future of data intelligence network.

Join the xData journey now and download the xData extension.

About xData

xData is an Off-chain Data Collection and Utilization Platform powered by Web3Go.

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The First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer.