Introducing DeDIN Alliance: Building AI Data Future Together

3 min readApr 30, 2024


DeDIN = Decentralised Data Intelligence Network

DeDIN, a concept proposed by Web3Go, has been extensively featured in various online and offline events such as DeDIN Spring, DeDIN Night Yacht Party, DeDIN Day, and more. Through these events, Web3Go has built relationships with various AI and Data related projects, forming a vast DeDIN project network. This has created significant momentum, which continues to build.

About DeDIN Alliance Campaign


  1. Establish a DeDIN track project ecosystem network to enable interconnectivity and cooperation among ecosystem projects.
  2. Use Web3Go’s new product xData, a growth tool, to empower ecosystem projects and accelerate data growth in social media.
  3. Expand the influence of Web3Go and DeDIN further to pave the way for Web3Go’s next major announcement. This also serves as the closed loop of “Data Consumer” in the new narrative.


The “DeDIN Alliance” is a co-marketing campaign for an ongoing AI+Data project alliance, initiated by Web3Go.


The campaign is scheduled to commence at the end of April 2023, with no specified end date.

How to Participate — For Users

We will begin announcing the DeDIN Alliance Partnership on our official X, featuring various projects. We will also release specific, themed GoDIN missions on the xData extension. Please follow our X and stay updated on the new campaign.

Here is the basic guideline:

  1. Reconnect your wallet to xData.

2. Find the “Mission” to discover Campaigns. Register for a Campaign to start your task.

3. Please find the tweet content that contains key words (the content after “@” and “#” is also applicable).

4. Reply to a post including any key word with “@Web3Go GODIN”

5. Tip: Boost your score by targeting highly popular tweets. We evaluate content and popularity.

6. Top 1000 winners on leaderboard will share Wafer rewards and some of the winners will share reward pool from our partners.

How to Participate — For Partners

  1. Read through the guidebook

2. Apply to Join

Be Part of DeDIN Alliance

We invite all projects that require AI data to join the DeDIN Alliance. Let’s shape the future of AI data together!

About xData

xData is an Off-chain Data Collection and Utilization Platform powered by Web3Go.

Website | LitePaper

About Web3Go

Web3Go is a data intelligence network that is building the data pre-processing layer for decentralized AI.

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The First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer.