DIN Monthly Report — May 2024

2 min readMay 31, 2024


May marks a brand-new beginning for DIN.

It has been a busy and fulfilling month for us. Thanks to your unwavering support and our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence, we have achieved significant milestones. Let’s celebrate and take pride in the remarkable progress we made together in May.


In May, Web3Go rebranded to DIN. With this rebranding, we have redefined ourselves as the First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer.

  • Campaigns

In celebration of our rebranding and integration with OKX Wallet, we’re hosting an exclusive Giveaway on Galxe with OKX Wallet!

Additionally, we have launched DIN Mouth and are hosting a series of exciting Giveaway campaigns with Galxe, QuestN, Port3 Network, TaskOn, Trantor.

DeDIN Alliance campaign is still ongoing. This month, we have launched numerous GoDIN initiatives on xData with OpSec, PowerPod, PromptPort, Cluster Protocol, Alaya AI, KiloEx, XRADERS, Gabby World, OLA, Domin Network, Nabox.

We have joined AMAs hosted by BNBChain, Cluster Protocol, SecondLive, Triathon

  • Partnerships

DIN has entered a strategic partnership with OpenTaskAI, IntentAGI, NeuroMesh, Sparkle, Denostr, CyberKart-Ai, Nesa, Burve Protocol.


  • Brand Upgrade:

The community branding has been successfully upgraded from Web3Go to DIN. This rebranding effort aims to align better with our vision and provide a fresh, engaging identity for our community.

  • Activities and Growth:

This month saw multiple community events and AMA sessions. These activities have significantly increased community interaction and engagement.

  • Highlighted upgrades

GODIN (Ambassadors) Team Rules Upgrade: To better foster community development, we have made adjustments to the GODIN Team rules. These changes are designed to better document and reward members who make significant contributions.

  • New OG ROLE Requirements

We have announced new requirements for the OG ROLE, making it more structured and attainable for dedicated community members.


  • User experiences Enhancement

We’ve integrated OKX Wallet into our AI Data Collection Dapp, xData.

Users can now connect to the OKX Wallet on the xData website and browser extension. They can also access xData through the OKX Mobile Web3 Wallet. As a result, users can now perform on-chain tasks such as “daily unlock” and “charge” using their mobile phones, in addition to their PCs.

  • Multi-chain Integration

Since xData was built on opBNB, we’ve begun adding more chains for users to select. Mantle and Base are being implemented internally, and more chains will be announced shortly.

  • New things cooking

Since announcing our proposed TGE date, we’re now preparing the related mining and airdrop pages. Please stay tuned and don’t forget to earn more wafers!

About DIN

DIN is the First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer.

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The First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer.