DIN Joins Warpcast on Farcaster!

3 min readJun 3, 2024


We are thrilled to announce that we have joined Warpcast on Farcaster.

Follow us: https://warpcast.com/din-lol

Use our invite link: https://warpcast.com/~/invite-page/568435?id=3f7604b3

What is Warpcast & Farcaster?

The Possible “X Replacement”

Warpcast is a client for Farcaster, a new type of social network. It’s decentralized, like email, which means you control your account.

Farcaster is a fully decentralized social network built on Ethereum. It is an open protocol that supports many clients, similar to mailboxes.

Strong Background

Farcaster, co-founded by ex-Coinbase VP of Operations Dan Romero and tech expert Varun Srinivasan in 2021, includes a team committed to a more user-friendly social media ecosystem. The project, backed by renowned institutions like Andreessen Horowitz, received $30 million in 2022 and $150 million in a 2024 Series A, marking high market expectations for decentralized networks.

Key Features

Channel and Frames are the key features for user engagement.

A channel is a public space for topic-based community conversations, similar to Twitter hashtags but more personalized and independent, represented by an embedded URL. For instance, creating a DIN channel allows DINfriends to join, cast, and find other DINbros, sparking unique conversations.

A Frame transforms casts into interactive apps on Farcaster, enabling the creation of polls, live feeds, or galleries. Maybe, DIN could integrate some core features on xData as a frame.

Why Warpcast & Farcaster?

Like many crypto projects, we initially chose Twitter as our primary social media channel. It served not only as our announcement billboard but also as the foundation for our product, xData.

However, things have changed. USV’s Fred Wilson, despite not using his Twitter account for 18 months, is now actively sharing his insights on Farcaster. He has even encouraged his Twitter followers to follow him on Farcaster. Notably, USV was the lead investor in Twitter’s initial financing round.

According to the latest statistics, Warpcast on Farcaster currently boasts over 70,000 daily active users (DAU). Although this is significantly smaller than platforms like X(Twitter), it has experienced substantial growth in recent months.

We’ve decided to launch our official account on Warpcast, with plans to integrate xData. With xData, you can customize and monetize your own data sets on Warpcast, just as you do on X(Twitter).

We previously built xData on X(Twitter) for several months, collecting and storing over 10 million pieces of social media content on chain for AI use. However, we found many bot accounts collecting low-quality, irrelevant information on X(Twitter), which required a significant effort to clean for AI use. Meanwhile, we discovered that Warpcast has a larger number of verified users producing high-quality content data. Here, genuine users can access superior industry information more quickly, and the data sources are more easily processed for AI data consumers.

In the future, we might see an AI-driven Farcaster client, powered by xData on DIN, summarizing social media activity, similar to ChatGPT, rather than having users scroll through extensive timelines. High-quality Farcaster channels can provide valuable data sources for AI training on the DIN ecosystem. Channel owners should receive compensation when their data is used for model training.

Follow DIN on Warpcast and be DINgen!

DIN joining Warpcast is not only essential for the development of DIN’s products but also adds more AI+Data possibilities to the Farcaster ecosystem.

People who are native to the crypto world are often referred to as Degens. The Degen channel is thriving on Warpcast. We invite you to join the DIN family on Warpcast, follow us, and become a DINgen!

Follow us: https://warpcast.com/din-lol

Use our invite link: https://warpcast.com/~/invite-page/568435?id=3f7604b3

About DIN

DIN is the First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer.

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The First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer.