DIN Collaborates with Mantle!

5 min readJun 20, 2024


We’re thrilled to announce the collaboration between DIN and Mantle, a high-performance Ethereum Layer 2 network built with a modular architecture, offering low fees and high security.

This collaboration allows DINfriends to fully explore the cutting-edge synergy of AI and Data powered by Mantle.

xData has supported Mantle Network

DIN’s dapp, xData, now supports the Mantle Network. Earlier this year, we launched this AI data node infrastructure on opBNB, with plans to extend its reach to more blockchains. We chose Mantle as our first expansion point due to its high performance and strong ecosystem support for AI projects.

With xData, Mantle Network users can gather off-chain data from various sources, such as Twitter and other social media platforms, which serve as vital off-chain data sources. Additionally, they can create personalized on-chain datasets for storing information of interest long-term.

Originally developed on opBNB, xData is now starting its multi-chain deployment, with Mantle Network as the first stop.

How to use xData on Mantle Network

For Chip Holders

You can bring Chip right over to the Mantle Network.

For New Users

You can easily claim Chip through the xData extension.

a. Open the xData extension on Twitter and Click “Connect Wallet”.

b. Choose “Mantle Network”.

c. Click “Claim” (If you enter referral code, you’ll earn some wafers!)

d. “Unlock” xData Space, start earning wafers!

Start earning wafers

  1. Click “Charge”, by charging your chip every 6 hours, you can keep earning wafers.
  2. Click “Start” to explore DeDIN Alliance Campaigns.
  3. Search for the key words and find the posts contain the key words.
  4. Reply the post with simple click the “GODIN” button.
  5. Get wafers points and specific campaign scores after reply.

Remember to purchase storage units and GODIN chances

  1. Click “Storage Units”, purchase more storage units with wafer.
  2. Click “GODIN Chances”, purchase more GODIN chances with wafer.

If you attempt to GODIN without having enough GODIN chances or sufficient storage units, it will not be considered a valid GODIN.

Why Mantle Network

Mantle’s Technical Advantages

Regarding Mantle Network’s technology, the most common tag we see is “modularity”. Mantle, a Layer 2 solution, lowers costs by using the modular EigenLayer for data availability. Additionally, Mantle enhances transaction speed by effectively shortening fraud proof times through MPC nodes. Leveraging these technical advantages of Mantle, xData users can more easily create personalized datasets.

Mantle’s Strong Financial Backing

One of the key advantages of the Mantle ecosystem is its strong financial backing. The Mantle Treasury holds nearly $5 billion in reserves, with major assets including MNT, mETH, ETH, USDC, and USDT. As a result, Mantle boasts ample on-chain liquidity, providing a significant advantage and robust support for the continued development of Mantle projects.

DIN Enriches Mantle’s Ecosystem

Mantle’s ecosystem is continuously evolving and currently encompasses DeFi, Infrastructure & Tooling, CrossChain, Social & Community, NFT, and Gaming. DIN’s inclusion will enrich Mantle’s AI module, unlocking more potential for AI + data within the Mantle ecosystem.

DIN & Mantle Co-marketing Campaigns

Galxe Joint Giveaway

We are collaborating with Mantle Network to organize an extraordinary joint giveaway event on Galxe. This presents a rare opportunity that should not be overlooked. We have prepared 5,000 $MNT, 1000 Free Chip NFTs on Mantle Network and 250,000 Wafers for all the participants.

Join the Galxe campaign collection here: https://app.galxe.com/quest/DIN/GCs9vtg5Y9

There will be two sub-campaigns in the collection:

Task 1: xData on Mantle: 1000 Free Chip NFT Giveaway https://app.galxe.com/quest/DIN/GC3tvtgxXj

Task 2–5,000 $MNT & xData 250,000 Wafers Giveaway https://app.galxe.com/quest/DIN/GCrRvtgFxt

During the Task 2 campaign, 5,000 $MNT will be distributed through a raffle on Glaxe. Additionally, 250,000 Wafers will be allocated to the top 1000 winners of the xData Topic GoDIN campaign.

DIN x Mantle xData Topic GoDIN Campaign

We will establish an exclusive xData Topic GoDIN Campaign for Mantle from June 28 to July 4. During this period, participants can earn 250,000 Wafers if they reach the top 1000 on the leaderboard. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to win an extra 5,000 $MNT through the Galxe Task 2 campaign mentioned above.

X Space AMA “Build AI Projects on Mantle” Hosted by DIN

We’re planning an exclusive AMA session on X space with Mantle, where we will share insights on developing AI projects on Mantle.

Discover how to utilize Mantle’s high-performance Ethereum Layer 2 for your AI projects. Engage with DIN and Mantle to delve into the future of AI in crypto!

Stay tuned by following our X and keep yourself updated through the space link!

Discord AMA “Mantle Discord Ecosystem Deep Dive” Hosted by Mantle

We’re organizing a special AMA session on Discord, where we’ll take an in-depth look at Mantle’s ecosystem.

Explore how Mantle’s high-performance Ethereum Layer 2 technology can empower projects. Interact with Mantle and gain insights into the future of blockchain technology!

Stay informed by following Mantle’s Discord and be sure to participate through the event link!

Join xData on Mantle NOW!

xData is the AI data node infrastructure on DIN, which was launched in early April 2024 on opBNB. As of now, it has over 200k total users and over 40k daily active users on opBNB.

Don’t hesitate to be among the first pioneers to land on xData on the Mantle Network and earn Wafers along with future rewards!

Download Extension here: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/xdata/ajgmddbjkeopdfodegmglhgjbdoafnmm

About DIN

DIN is the First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer.

Created from the foundation of the Data Intelligence Network, DIN is designed to empower everyone to cook data for AI and get paid.

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About xData

xData is the AI data node infrastructure on DIN, which was launched in early April 2024 on opBNB. As of now, it has over 200k total users and over 40k daily active users on opBNB.

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The First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer.